January 12, 2021

remark generated table of contents

generating a table of contents for markdown posts

December 30, 2020

generating theme tokens

generating theme tokens and falling back to defaults

November 8, 2020

fix tags

slugify your tags

October 31, 2020

04 - content directories in next.js

working with content directories and dynamic routes in next.js

October 18, 2020

03 - extending themes

programmatically generating themes utilizing basic variables/tokens and adding state logic to cycle through themes

October 17, 2020

02 - syntax highlighting and themeing

adding syntax highlighting to next-mdx-remote and rethinking themeing

October 10, 2020

01 - searching with fuse.js

adding search to next.js powered static sites with fuse.js

October 4, 2020

00 - digital garden

a brief introduction to garden, an opinionated and batteries included boilerplate for nextjs digital gardens

August 1, 2020

00 - (re)thinking the digital garden

some preliminary thoughts around digital gardens and gardening