garden updates - 14052022


I just released an incremental update for next-mdx-relations, which was largely a dependency upgrade (a major one). After releasing that, I've also bumped all of the dependencies for garden, so it should be compatible with all the latest version so React and NextJS. I've also added dependabot to help stay up to date on dependency changes to prevent these kind of large/sweeping updates in the future.

Additionally, I'm going to try to start actively working on garden again. If you have features you'd like to see in the near future, feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request.

Note that storybook is experiencing some issues with node versions greater than or equal to 17.0.0 (See this). I've included a .nvmrc file in the repo and updated the readme to include documentation about running nvm use.

up next

  • content directories
  • templating
  • swap current config for next-mdx-relations