garden 🌱

👋hi. welcome to, where i'm building (and writing about building) a next.js powered digital garden starter. 'garden' is opinionated boilerplate for your digital gardening. check out the repo, and read about some of the motivations for building garden below.

here are some of the things garden does out of the box:

  • mdx and next.js powered static site generation
  • build relations between and among mdx files
  • easy styling using theme-ui and styled-system

here are some of the things coming soon:

  • search and tag filtering
  • source content from different sources and render with related templates
  • cli for scaffolding content

recent posts


garden updates - 14052022

dep updates and long term planning


05 - updating garden to next-mdx-relations

updating the undergirding functionality of garden to use `next-mdx-relations`


remark generated table of contents

generating a table of contents for markdown posts


generating theme tokens

generating theme tokens and falling back to defaults